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Coconut Cannabis Oil - Best Tasting Oil for Baking

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Coconut Cannabis Oil

Materials and Ingredients

1 Gal. Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil (about $40 health food store or online)

1 Standard Crock Pot with Glass Cover (about $5-$10 Thrift Store)

1 spatula, flexible strong plastic or wood ($1 at Thrift Store)

6 clean glass jars, 12-16 oz. Mason Jar or Reused Salsa-style jars with tight fitting lids. ($5 at Thrift Store or free, on hand in your recycling bin)

2-3 Shopping Bags (up to a pound or more) well-dried shake, leaf or trim

Note: This recipe can be cut in half or quarters to suit how much you want.

Cooking Directions

1. Place oil container upside down in crockpot.

2. Turn on lowest heat, remove plastic container from pot when oil will slide out, continue to melt oil in pot.

3. When oil is clear and warming, add as much leaf to pot as can be pressed in place with spatula. Let cook for an hour. Add another bag. Let cook. Add 3rd bag if room allows.
-- Open windows or provide strong ventilation or entire house will smell like Ganja Oil, just sayin'.

4. Cook mixture 24 hrs. on lowest setting. Alternate heat off and on if it smells burnt, or boils excessively at sides.

5. Turn off heat. Let cool 30-60 min. Carefully pour warm oil into as many Mason Jars as needed. Press leaf mixture to side of pot to drain remaining oil. Small particles can be filtered out or allowed to bottom of jars. Smaller jars can be stored in freezer and taken out as needed.

Strength Test and Cooking Recipes

Congratulations, you have made a bright green vibrant oil, rich in ganja cannabinoids (i.e.,the stoney part). CAUTION: This is potentially dangerous because it contains far more active ingredient in a single teaspoon than could be typically taken by smoking. Commit to be careful and patiently wait a full 90 minutes for any dose to take effect. Usually, everyone overdoses at some point. Extreme dizziness, nausea, disorientation and lethargy is neither fun nor therapeutic.

Substitute Ganja Oil in place of any Vegetable Oil or Butter in baking recipes. Cookie mixes are good because they can be cut up into quarters when still warm without crumbling. YOU WILL LIKELY LEARN THIS THE HARD WAY, BUT YOU HAVE BEEN STRONGLY ADVISED. A single cookie or brownie can easily be 4x strength or greater. That means, 1/4 cookie will be enough to feel good; more than that is too risky until you are sure of your tolerance. Keep baked goods well out of reach/sight from minors and others. Do not share whole or half cookies with anyone who could easily over consume it (basically anyone who likes cookies.)

Source: cannabischef.com

Note: Since coconut oil is already in many packaged and restaurant foods, you shouldn’t use it as your cooking oil, too — especially if you have heart disease or it runs in the family. Stick to unsaturated oils such as olive, canola, peanut or walnut. But even use those sparingly (remember: all oils have about 120 calories per tablespoon). Save coconut oil for special dishes that you love to cook or bake once in a while. If you still want to use it, replace other highly saturated fat foods such as butter and whole milk with extra virgin coconut oil, and be mindful to not go over 10% of your total calories. Avoid refined and hydrogenated versions, which have trans fats.
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Have you ever used plastic containers for the coconut cooking oil? Or is there any reason NOT to use plastic that you know of? I know that some essential oils will melt certain plastics, but wasn't sure about cannabis "essence". Thank you for your opinion!
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