Could i pass a urine test?


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Ok first let me say high! first post now onto the topic at hand

I haven't smoked in about 21 days im really in need of a job as in bout to be evicted ,i read threw a few topics that suggest 30 days is not always the lucky number, prior to stoping i smoked 2-3 bowls sometimes a few j's mostly bowls though every day for about a lil more then a year, then switched to only smoking maybe 1-2 bowls every other 2-3 days or so for like maybe 5 months then to one bowl about 1 time every week to 2 weeks then not at all for 21 days strait in this time i tried to drink about 4-6 8ounce bottles of water and also drink a lot of detox teas per day, and worked out on a total gym and jogged a lil bit as well im now looking for a job and wanted to know if i would be clean i weigh around 222-230lbs and am moderately active is it too soon to pass a test? i don't have a immediate/set test date but the field i work in always urine test and could lose my licensee if failed so its a scary thought if this is not enough info i can add to it if its needed o and i mostly smoked reg, thank you to anyone who can help in advance :Namaste:
-You have a few choices. The easiest and cheapest is to sub with synthetic urine. You could buy some cheap strip tests off of ebay for about $1.30 each and see how you're doing.
Drinking lots of fluids ore detox drinks days before a test won't help. THC is not water soluble. It heads straight for the fat cells and stays there till the fat cell is burned off through exercise or dies naturally in about 30 days depending on your metabolism.

If you want to get clean naturally.
Exercise and stay hydrated
Eat a high fiber diet with possibly adding some metamucil to help keep the bowels moving.
3 days before the test switch to a red meat high fat diet and quit exercising
Drink 36 ounces of gatorade the morning of the test
Pee 3 or 4 times before the test
When taking the test
Pee a little in the toilet first
Pee 2 ounces in the collection cup
Pee the rest in the toilet.

The reasons.
80% of your thc metabolites are removed through your stool. If the stool isn't evacuated the thc metabolites gets reabsorbed through your intestines and heads back to fat cells again. When you change to a red meat high fat diet it does 2 things. It raises your creatine levels to allow for more dilution so that you don't fail the test. The fat tells the body to start saving fat cells again for a few days so that the thc metabolites don't enter the kidneys and pass into the urine.

Midstream pee
The first and last of your pee is always the dirtiest. So use your midstream urine for the collection cup
To give yourself an idea you can go and pick up a couple of at home drug tests. Do the worst case scenario - test your first void of the day that got the highest concentration of elements.
Hello there, I just signed up and have a urine test coming up in about a week or so. I went 3 days without smoking then took one or two tokes after that(big mistake!) and now I've been off it for another 3 days. My question is for someone who is on the smaller side and has a high metabolism that only goes through a little over 1 gram per month and is active and drinks water: should I stress out about the next week if I remain clean and not relapse?
Obviously the job means alot to me, but I have my own issues in life that cause me to toke a little every day but it's a small amount. All my friends who smoke, smoke way more per day than me..... please help! I've read up on what to take and do but I just want to know if those factors and habits may give me an upper hand and nothing to worry about!

One more huge question! By law, if they send to a lab, do they have to tell you or do they do it without your knowlege???

Hi happytrees6,

If you used regularly (twice a week or more) before you started abstaining, then yes it is possible that you can still be dirty on the test.

If you have a test prior to 2 weeks clean, then I would recommend using a synthetic urine, something like our Incognito belt.

If you will have 2 weeks clean (you could obviously still use the synthetic) but you could also use a natural product, like our One Shot Concentrate.

They can test your sample with an emit test or the lab test. They do not need to let you know ahead of time, which one they will do.

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