Crohn's Disease by Jennifer

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Crohn's Disease by Jennifer​

I have had Crohn's disease since I was 10 months old. I am now 23. I use marihuana for pain control, nausea control, and for my insomnia. It works for mild to moderate pain. When my pain gets unbearable, marihuana does not work. I have to use analgesics like Demerol and morphine. I tend to use marihuana for the mild pain, insomnia, and nausea only. I find that marihuana has a different kind of pain-controlling effect then narcotics like Demerol and morphine. Marihuana seems to be more of a brain action. I notice that marihuana makes me forget about the pain, and it dulls the pain to some degree. It also increases my appetite, which is a great thing, because with Crohn's disease, I often lose my appetite, and wither away to 77 pounds. The pot helps to get me eating.

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