Cutting the Pipe in Half!


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Okay we've all been there... We're outta weed and we needa scrape the pipe to get the res.

Well anyways I got this pipe that I don't smoke out of anymore, I've just been using it for res when I run low.. anyways.. here I am scraping that pipe again.. its getting really hard to reach the left over black resin on the inside of the pipe. I've got what I could, but the other stuff just can't be reached!!! Or it's too hard to reach that it's not worth it.

Since I don't smoke out of this pipe anymore and I was saving it as a Resin bank.. I think its almost time for me to throw this pipe out..

but first.. I cant leave all the good resin behind... (good resin? w/e) anyways... if I could cleanly cut this pipe in half without getting fibers of glass everywhere.. (it's a glass blown pipe).. I could get to the gold mine of resin.

So anyone got any suggestions on a way to cut my glass blown pipe in half? lol.. that or a way to get the rest of the resin out? (Not really interested in boiling at this time of night, and I don't got any rubbing alcohol)
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