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Good afternoon everyone,

I am in the process of making my own capsules. I am using Coco Tabs Equal Good Meds

I just wanted to get some additional opinions.

Obviously by cooking your buds in coconut oil for over 30 min, the decarb process would of happened. By blending it twice you get the mixture down to a fine liquid to fill your capsules.

Therefore, if you were to decarb your bud in the oven at 100 deg C, then all you would have to do is grind up and mix with the oil. Less smell don't you think???


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I am pretty sure the buds to be in the oil for the decarb to work. If you cook them in oven, all the THC will be degraded and it would not decarb into anything. It needs oil/butter... make sense?

Big Budha

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I decarb using the microwave and then grind the Buds into a fine powder with a coffee bean grinder I then fill up "0" size caps I get from a health food store.
Depending on what I've had to eat previous to ingest a capsule it takes up to Two hours for the capsule to take effect, one capsule will last up to 4 hours

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