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Denver Pot Petition Gets OK


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Denver voters could see another marijuana initiative when they head to the polls this November.

Citizens for a Safer Denver, a campaign spin-off of the marijuana advocacy group Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation (SAFER), announced today that Denver election officials approved their petition to place an issue on the ballot.

SAFER is the group that pushed a successful campaign in Denver to make it legal for adults over 21 to possess less than an ounce of marijuana. The group pushed a similar initiative state-wide last year that was soundly defeated.

The group's latest initiative seeks to make marijuana Denver's "lowest law enforcement priority."

Denver police officials have repeatedly said they will enforce state law forbidding possession of marijuana.

With the petition approved, the initiative will now go to City Council.

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Source: The Denver Post (Colorado)
Author: George Merritt
Contact: gmerritt@denverpost.com
Copyright: 2007 The Denver Post
Website: The Denver Post - Denver pot petition gets OK

Herb Fellow

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It's great for the politicians to hear what the people want! To be left alone!

Herb Fellow

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But if they don't listen, there will be a day when they are unemployed and they will wish they did. They need courage to operate outside the box.


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mason tvert for president! shit I wish we had someone here in the midwest that could fight like that. that guy is a true leader in our front.
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