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Does Niacin work?


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So from many of my friends I have heard them say Niacin works, I have friends that use it to beat UA's for not only pre employment but for probation and parole. Now I am 24, 5ft7in and weigh bout 115. I have a secondary interview tomorrow for a job and they do drug test upon pre employment (tho Idk if it'll be tomorrow or not) I have been taking 500MG to 1000MG of Niacin on an off for a few wks and now have stopped smoking (was only smoking bout a bowl or 2 a day). As well as drinking a ton of water, using cranberry pills and water pills along side the Niacin.

Will I be clean in time for a UA (urine test) say tomorrow or the day after?

P.s. I don't want to hear from people that say it doesn't work or whatever as I have more than 10 friends that swear by it and have never failed a drug test.

Please post with any responses that are help, this is not a debate as I said I just want to hear from people experience.
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