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Dormant Plants?


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Hey guys. I have a question.
Well. I started a grow of 4 skunk plants under a 150w hps about a week ago. (one on Monday and the the other three two days after) well for the first few days they were doing very well, 3 out of for 4 have spouted and the last one iss barely cracking the soil. Well on Saturday my idiot friend unplugged the extension cord that my hps was plugged in to and I didn't notice until the next morning. Well the the plant planted first still seems fine and seems to still be growing but the other 3 I'm not sure about. 2 of them are sitting up like normal and I can see that leaves WERE merging from the seed shell but the leaf growth has seemed to be stopped and the seed shell is still attached to the leaves. The last plant is still barely cracking the soil. I guess what I want to know is did the hours of darkness mess anything up? Or am I just being paranoid and should just wait it out? Thanks in advance! :)

jambo stoner

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try lowering the lights couple inches per day until about 12 inches above plants, this helps prevent stretching during the seedling stage


it might be root maggots (i had this problem with a seedling), little fockers, look closely round the bottom of the stem and just under the suface, be real gentle when moving soil about tho

if its not root maggots your babies should be fine

good luck


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Lower the lights to penitrate those babies, but keep in mind a 150 watt light is not going to do much for 4 plants, the general rule of thumb is 100 watts per plant! You are not being parinod, can you cover the plants with plastic wrap to retain moisture for a week or have they grown above the pot - if not out of the pot yet, cover them to retain moisture for a week. Good luck, Ladee
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