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DWC, EWC tea question,who did it?


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I tried few times but ewc tea fooked up everything even further.Anyway,I tried adding some organic stuff with bunch of bacillus in the system some days ago,its for soil/hydro
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,after like some hours like seaweed,algea,or water fungus is building up on the walls of the bucket,sorry my english is my not native but I bet you should have seen it if you done ewc tea,is this normal using ewc tea? And I added only tiny tiny amount,last time when I added bunch of this stuff built up and then it covered roots which made me think it made everything worse,but maybe this is normal?

When I think now,maybe last time my ewc went bad cause I added ewc to too infected system and algea took it over,plus this time I have hydroguard,so maybe hydro + bactor + biohumus with dezinfected system with h2o run then flush and new clean non tap water and brewed tea would easily overtake new system and fix my roots problems?

Please suggest me what I should look FOR/NOT when using ewc tea,because I dont know what to expect.Thank you. :volcano-smiley::circle-of-love:
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