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End of flowering, crispy buds?


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Hmm well its first grow,my hum was high so I little lovered and increased temps to stop bud rot,well it works i think,the thing is my rh is at 50% now and 25c room temp,and at canopy maybe 30 but I have a fan blowing,so my buds are really crispy,they dont have that fat freen sticky thing,you touch it so its like touching desert sand,any ideas?


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Re: End of flowering,crispy buds?

I'm with antics, is the fan blowing on the buds or the light? I would maybe get a fan aimed at the light to blow the heat away if possible.
Also (and this is just my personal opinion with 1.5 grows under my belt) we worry about bud rot from high humidity too much IMO, I feel that if you have good air flow and space between the bud sites then humidity of 65% and lower is fine.
Again that is just my opinion and a lot of people would disagree with me.

Trying getting the temps lower and see how it plays out
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