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Entire Paul G. Mahlberg Cannabis Publication Library - Public Domain


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I have been watching a few companies in the space and was intrigued when I seen this news hit this morning. I have seen posts about Paul G. Mahlberg in the past on various forums and felt everyone here would find this interesting and useful.

PR - Stevia Corp. Unveils 30 Years of Ground Breaking Cannabis Research at Realhemp.com -- INDIANAPOLIS, September 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

The searchable research library contains some of the most important research ever published on the cannabis plant, with specific concentration on glandular trichome development. Dr Mahlberg and his colleague's research has been referenced in thousands of cannabis and hemp articles and publications over the years, including industry leading publications such as High Times Magazine. The research also resulted in some of the most important discoveries about the cannabis plant that are still applied today by some of the most successful cannabis grow operations and industrial hemp farms in the world.

The research library ( Prof. Emer. Paul G. Mahlberg Cannabaceae Publication Library) contains a total of 37 searchable publications that can be viewed HERE
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