Family Contemplates Move To Colorado For Marijuana-Based Epilepsy Treatment

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Texas - A Canyon family is asking for help getting their little girl the care she needs to live a healthy life, and the family believes their best bet may be a move to Colorado. Right now there is no cure but are several treatment options for epilepsy and cerebral palsy. For an 8-year-old Canyon girl, the treatment that works best isn't covered by insurance. Jillian Harmon lives with cerebral palsy, delayed development, hip dysplasia, and severe epilepsy.

"We started different medications for that, anti-convalescents. None of which ever helped, she continued to have seizures. When she was an infant she was having 40-50 a day," Jillian's mother, Becca Harmon said. After five tough years of prescriptions with serious side-affects, Jillian's parents found alternative medicines of various vitamins, minerals and oxygen helped most. All of which are not covered by insurance. "We do not have complete seizure control yet, but at this point we average about seven to nine seizures a week. And down from 40 to 50 a day, that's pretty good," Harmon said.

Jillian is fed all organic foods which when added to her alternative treatment can be pricey. The family also has to travel all the way to Dallas for Jillian's specialists. "Those things add up," Harmon said. That's why Harmon set up a Go Fund Me account this summer for her daughter; to help with those expenses and make their home more handicap friendly. But now, the Harmons are contemplating a new plan; a move to Colorado to try a new alternative made from marijuana that could help Jillian finally achieve seizure control. "The CBD oil has no side effects, where as some of the other things she was on were talking liver failure and worse," Harmon said. "But we have to travel to another state and maybe never come back, just to get it."

THC, the compound in marijuana that causes a high, is extracted from the cannabis oil and Harmon says she knows parents who've seen amazing results for epileptic children. Harmon says Jillian has the mental capacity of a child six to nine months old but without constant seizures, she could have a shot at developing farther. Colorado and cannabis oil is a likely option for Jillian, but whatever this family decides to do, it will be expensive. "Until you have a child like Jillian you don't know what you would do or wouldn't do," Harmon said. You can donate to the Jillian's fund at Team Jilli by Becca Harmon - GoFundMe.


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