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First grow grower seed choice?


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ima new grower this is first time i live in southern cali and im wondering what are some good easy seed s to grow but im in a budget of no more then $50 for seeds any body have any suggestions?


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I always recommend bag seeds for 1st-timers.
The reason is the die-off rate for beginners is high, and commercial weed is usually a hearty strain. Designer strains can be touchy sometimes.


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yea... grow with bagseed... then when you've got mor experience, get the goodies

as for me.... i've only grown bagseed... i have tons of them so im probably gonna wait til i run out until i buy seeds.

you'll be surprised with how some bagseed grows are :3:


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you kno i read this thread before anyone responded and i was going to suggest using bag seed as well so u dont mess up any of the good seeds ya kno? but i didnt want to sound rude wit it.
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