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First SuperSkunk grow - info and should i do the...


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My first post and and my first grow.

What it is: Sensi Super Skunk

Germinated: May 15

Started flowering: August 10 (i mean, when first trichomes showed up)

Moved to greenhouse: July 10

So that's it boys. Smell definitely lives up to the name, such a good feeling when i open greenhouse in the morning. This has been purely a no-effort grow. I sure take good care of it, but only thing i bought was tomato soil where to put seed. The rest was just waiting & little watering once in a while. No extra supplements, no fertilizers. I believe soil in greenhouse was a mix of regular "ground" and peat. I took the only advice i had very seriously - don't over do it.

I wish i could say - so far so good, but i really have no idea.

Is it? Anything i should do?




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great, thanks! as i stated before - my first grow, but from what i read and learn it's pretty strong & full one. i am in northen europe. september promises to be warm one but heating fans are ready to go if needed :D

Height: 6 ft 5 in but as you can see - it's very full.


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Yeah looks like you did your research. That's gonna give you a nice yield for sure, at least a quarter pound, maybe half pound if everything goes prefect.
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