FL: Charlotte County To Temporarily Ban Marijuana Sales If Amendment 2 Passes

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Charlotte County - Even if Amendment 2 passes, you may not be able to get medical marijuana locally right away, at least in one county.

Charlotte County commissioners on Tuesday decided to put a moratorium on marijuana dispensaries until they can regulate it properly.

It's set for nine months and means any cannabis businesses cannot open during that time.

Resident Joe Zubillaga believes medical cannabis will help his sick father and is worried he won't be able to get it locally as fast.

"Nine months? I mean that's a long time," Zubillaga said. "Now we're going to have medical marijuana, but we're going to inconvenience people further."

But county leaders say the nine-month moratorium is needed for several reasons, one of which is to help figure out where cannabis dispensaries would be allowed to set up shop.

"We have regulations like this for other businesses like this," said zoning official Shaun Cullinan. "Pain management clinics, sexually-oriented businesses. We try to do a radius for the protection of neighborhoods."

Some supporters of Amendment 2 agree that the extra time is needed.

"I think it's good. If it's legalized, I know there is going to be a lot of laws that come with it and a lot of other things," said resident Samuel Dembim.

County staff will begin looking at regulations if the amendment is passed.

"There's just a lot of things that people aren't thinking about, and we just need some time to set them straight," Cullinan said.

Lee and Collier counties have yet to decide what they will do.

Last time this was on the ballot, the Naples City Council planned to ban or limit medical marijuana dispensaries to a special district, but the measure never made it past the November ballot.


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