FL: Orlando's First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opening In April

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Tucked between a restaurant and a home design store sits Knox Medical. When it opens in early April, it will be Orlando's first medical marijuana dispensary.

"Everybody has their vision in their mind of what a medical cannabis dispensary is and it generally involves flashing neon signs and pink and bright greens," said Bruce Knox, Knox Medical founder.

But the flashing lights are absolutely not part of the Knox Medical dispensary design on 1901 N. Orange Ave.

"We basically modeled it to look more like an apple store than a cannabis dispensary," said Knox.

And after months of work, the facility is ready for its final inspection before opening.

"We all want to have a very inviting, clean environment for patients," said Knox.

The white floor with gold specks, products on display, and the glass walls intentionally create an open feel.

"We want people to feel very safe, be warm and inviting, but also have a medical, sterile feel to it as well," said Knox.

"Yes, we want to dispel the myth that this is the type of operation you see out West," said Tara Tedrow, Lowndes Law Firm.

Tedrow covers all legal aspects of the business and said everything inside and out was designed with one person in mind.

"So we hope that people come and realize that we put the patient first. This is a medical facility and we are dispensing a medicinal product to people who are truly in need in the state of Florida," said Tedrow.

The cannabis purchased at this location will all be a low THC form. Knox said the requirement is that the products must contain less than eight-tenths of a percent of THC and greater than 10 percent of CBD.

This dispensary will not sell any cannabis in leaf or plant form.

"No, the state of Florida prohibits anything in its raw form, so no flower, no leaf material can be sold in any dispensary in the state," said Knox.

But the product in oil form is still extremely valuable, which means immense security is needed at the facility.

"A very state of the art security system here, it is fully monitored, we have a security guard on staff, or guards I should say on staff," said Knox.

Knowing about the security and the care that went into the building design makes nearby business owners happy.

"We are happy they are going to be in business too," said Alfredo Gudamuz, part owner of Cassaggio. "We welcome the new neighbors."

In the weeks to come, Knox hopes patients will be as happy as their neighbors.

"It's very gratifying to know that we have the potential to help a patient. One patient at a time can make a difference, it is exciting," said Knox.

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Very good for the people here in Florida that really need it... But for potheads like me, this slow transition is hella wack. We just need to legalize it already man, ftb. Can't wait until the day we can go out and buy whatever strain I want. Thanks for the article btw.

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Having a dispensary here in Orlando is a slow start, very slow. Only offering CBD tincture is sad. We need all forms MMJ such capsules, edibles, creams, high CBD & high THC concentrates, flowers etc. to treat our illnesses. We need a similar program like those in RI., CT., CA.. Hopefully, Florida will eventually make recreational cannabis legal. The politicians are making it difficult by a limiting the number of growers and dispensaries causing prices to be very high as compared to prices in Colorado. The politicians (Old guard) really don't want MMJ in Florida. Florida could be the second largest market in the country. I suggest everyone read Cannabis Manifesto by Steve DeAngelo for some insight. Its a great read. Florida has been changing for years and eventually that old guard and that old way of thinking here in the sunshine state will give way to a more open minded population.