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Former Molson Site Goes To Pot

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BARRIE, Ont. -- Police tactical units and K-9 dog teams are searching
the inside of the former giant Molson's brewery for bombs and

The search comes after police uncovered what they say is the largest
and most elaborate indoor marijuana growing operation in Ontario.

More than 100 officers from combined forces swarmed the massive
125,000-sq.-ft., three-storey building yesterday on Big Bay Point Rd.,
while police helicopters hovered in the sky.

Ten people were arrested on the site and taken into custody and police
are tracking more suspects.

Throughout the day and into the night, officers continually entered
and exited the large building, carrying special equipment, while
officers blocked off the area from the public.

"This place is huge -- there are a lot of good hiding places," said
OPP Superintendent Bill Crate.

"We don't know if there are other suspects hiding inside."

He said before police even begin to tally a dollar amount for the
"thousands and thousands" of marijuana plants growing inside the
former brewery, specially trained units continue to ensure the area is

"There can be booby traps and bombs -- we don't want to take any

The former Molson brewery and bottling plant closed a few years ago
and since then a private developer bought the location and has leased
some of the area to six or seven small businesses.

Crate would not elaborate on whether or not the businesses were a
front to the drug operation.

He said it will take several days to complete the search of the
building and secure the area.

Pubdate: Sun, 11 Jan 2004
Source: Calgary Sun, The (CN AB)
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