Glass or metal pipe?

I am going to shool for welding....
and I have to ask myself one question.
After seeing what goes into making metal and the chemicals/processes to clean it/anodize it/weld it.....Do I really want to smoke out of it?

Plain and simple.....


I love working with metal but doesn't mean I gotta toke off of it.

Glass kicks ass. Sure it can break a helluva lot easier than metal ever will. But if you find a great color changing piece, it can be a long time friend and taste sooo much smoother than metal ever will. And when it gets too too resinated, you can clean it out, and watch the color changing all over again.....

The craftsmanship of a fine piece means assorted shapes and colors.

I'm sure 99% of the posts after me will agree.

Besides, rumor has shown that smoking off metal can lead to serious illnesses.

In the's your choice...we can only help you make an informed choice.


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Glass, as everyone says. Metal is okay, you can get sick off it but chances are the piece will be retired before permanent damage, but you don't have the risk with glass. Plus, you can find some glass pieces that will blow your mind in how unique they are, even by simplicity. My friend owns a blue sherlock that just takes your breath away. So simple, but so beautiful.
Im a huge supporter of my local glass shop Home Blown Glass. I run around trying to get their name out to everyone i know. i have so much respect for that shop and the blowers who work there. the craziest glass ive ever seen have always come from their studio its awesome.

so what i guess what im saying is everyone get out there and rep their local glass shop! XD
Glass of course there's no nasty metal taste if it gets too hot. Of course sooner of later the glass will break.
Scarecrow said:
Glass of course there's no nasty metal taste if it gets too hot. Of course sooner of later the glass will break.
So sad to think like that
I'm not going to discredit glass it is the best but,
if your a cheap ass like me who's tired of seeing other people smash your expensive glass pipes and bongs you could make a pipe out of bamboo at least what you're inhaling is natural plus a 2 foot long 1 inch thick piece of bamboo with a carb at the end hits hard as you want. I still use a metal bowl w/a screen because it will last forever but you could get creative w/ a dry piece of corn cob or something
plus you can fill the chamber with weed to filter out some of the resin from tearing up your lungs creating resin bud which is nice to have when your stash runs dry plus it sure beats smokin resin straight... BLEK!
I wish I knew a place that sold big peices of bamboo, cuz I would be interested in making a bong out of it. To answer the question, glass is much better, but a metal peice is much better for parties with people you don't know, cuz if it gets stolen then its cheap to replace, and if it get dropped it wont break. Also a metal pipe is good for a little stoner "kit" I have one that holds my weed, a small metal pipe a lighter and some rolling papers, just for on the go use.
A cheap metal bowl is good for ditching. But smoking the paint off of screens and having to replace them is a strong weak point. I'd prefere even an inexpensive glass one-hitter. But hell, why not go buy yourself a bong?
definitely glass. so much variety.
st0ned sk8er said:
glass is better in every way i dont care that it can shatter..take good care of it, get a nice lil pouch for nice taste instead of nasty metal chemical taste mixed in is easier to clean..healthier for your lungs..dont get as hot, they have carbs(aka shotguns) to clear it, not to mention its nicer looking and something that makes you feel good to own, ya know, you get to see all the neat beautiful colors come in, its just BETTER!!! come on, invest 20-30 bucks into a nice glass pipe, it is DEFINITELY worth it.
Just to add to the investing part: 20 dollars isn't really much now a days when you think about it, putting it towards a glass pipe that people will compliment you on is a wise decision. Take the dive, pull the twenty out and buy that sweet piece.
Glass is by far and away is much better than metal. No nasty taste and it doesn't get hot as fast.
Yo, they have both a Metal AND Glass pipe that has a glass chamber you smoke through and a metal outer layer that makes it esentially indestructible. Plus you can take it apart and clean ever part of it with ease. and they look dope as fuck. This is 2017, technology has the solution! Check them out.
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