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God bud 4 weeks from harvest!


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wow...great pic's , and they still have 4 more weeks.......:yikes: best of luck

glad I ran across this thread..... how tall do they get? any hoot, thanx for putting up the pic's...

be well



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Thanks guys! Some are as tall as me, 5'9. But mostly the stay about 3-4 ft tall. I think the cold will get em. Unfortunately they're in a place that is about 10 degrees cooler so...it may frost. Just putting bags on em at night now.


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Damn man, that's tall lol. You should consider entering your work in some of the 420 Magazine contests. They're held every month. Plant of the Month, Nug of the Month, and Member of the Month. There's no cost to enter, and just a few rules on the first page of each contest to keep things fair.

Plants/Nugs you simply nominate yourself by submitting pictures. And Member of the month has to be selected by staff, or someone else has to nominate you for it.

Nominations are accepted from the 1st to the 14th of every month, and voting opens on the 15th. There's a link in my signature below.
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