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Group Mulls Plan to Provide Discounted Medical Marijuana to AIDS Patients

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The Palm Springs AIDS Medical Marijuana Patient Group met for the first time today.

The group consisted of 15 Coachella Valley residents, patients and dispensary owners who exchanged ideas on how to help provide much-needed medical marijuana to these types of patients at a low cost or no-cost option.

Many AIDS patients use medical marijuana to help curb side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite, caused by their medications.

Unfortunately, some patients live on such a llimited incomes they cannot afford the cost of medical marijuana, which can add up to around $200 a week, group members said.

"I'm here because if you want things done, you have to stand up and take action," medical marijuana user Larz Neilsen said.

Lenny Ozar, owner of Hazy Colitas Dispensary in Thousand Palms and a former medical marijuana user, said he knows how hard it can be for some patients to afford the drug.

"I can relate to how important medical marijuana is when you are suffering from an illness. I used it when I was battling bladder cancer and it gets expensive," Ozar said.

"I came out here to offer fair prices, good product and be all about the patients," he added.

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