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Grow Tent Setup


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Hey everyone,

I'm about to start a big hydro grow. I have some limited experience growing, so I'm trying to put everything together in a way that's forgiving and relatively simple. I've done a bunch of research and talked to some friends who have major grows in Cali and the UK, but before I put my final order in on Friday, I thought maybe I'd ask you folks! I did some lurking here while doing some research.

My current grocery list is:

Germination Station (heat mat, tray, 72 cell pack, 2" dome)

1 4'x8' Gorilla Grow Tent
2 Yield Master II 6'' Classic Reflector (air-cooled)
2 Solis Trek Matrix LCD 1000W Dimmable Digital Ballast (with remote) (8.75 AMP @120V)
2 Eye Hortilux Dual Arc Tube Lamp 1000W
1 6'' Hurricane Inline Fan (435CFM/1 AMP)
1 8'' Hurricane Inline Fan (745 CFM/1.7 AMP)
1 10'' Hyper Fan (1065 CFM/2.1 AMP) (built-in speed controller)
1 6"x25' Thermoflo SR Insulated Ducting
1 8"x25' Ideal-Air Silver/Black Ducting
1 10"x25' Ideal-Air Silver/Black Ducting
1 6"x8" 270CFM Phresh Intake Filter
1 8"x12" 460CFM Phresh Intake Filter
1 10"x24" 850CFM Phresh Carbon Filter
1 C.A.P. Ebb&Grow 12 Grow Pot System w/55 Gallon Reservoir (unsure amperage, runs 2 pumps)
1 C.A.P. Ebb&Grow 6 Grow Pot Add-On
1 EcoPlus Air Pump - 2 outlet (unsure amperage)
2 EcoPlus 4' Flexible Air Diffusers
1 Hydro-Logic Stealth Reverse Osmosis 200 GPD
3 Exhale CO2 bags
1 Grower's Edge Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer
1 Digital Waterproof Combo Meter COM-100 (Temp, TDS, EC)
1 OGS 6" Pruning Shears
1 Grower's Edge Trellis Netting
1 General Hydroponics pH Test Indicator solution 1oz
1 General Hydroponics pH 7.01 calibration solution
1 General Hydroponics pH 4.01 calibration solution
Rock Nutrients set (Fusion Grow, Fusion Bloom, Absorbalight Foliar Spray, Resinator RSN8, SuperCharge Root Tonic)
3 bags Growstone GS-1 Hydroponic Growth Media 1.5cu ft
Method Seven HPS Glasses
Green LED flashlight

The tent would be set up with an independent duct system cooling the air-cooled reflectors, the intake for that is the 6" hurricane fan with the phresh intake filter. This system would use insulated ducting to keep the heat transfer down. The intake for the tent itself is the 8" hurricane fan with the phresh intake filter. The outtake for the tent is the 10" hyper fan with the phresh carbon filter. Those will use regular light resistant ducting.

We'd be growing White Widow XTRM in the 18 C.A.P. system pots using Rock Nutrients and the Growstones as the bucket media with the Exhale bags providing CO2. EcoPlus air pump and air diffusers used to aerate the 55 gallon reservoir. We'd use the netting to do a psuedo SCROG setup.

So what do we think? Anything obvious missing that I somehow missed? I know it's a bit over complicated, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Thanks in advance! When it's all set up, I promise to post pictures.


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Would dump the co2 bags and look into going with LED lamps they give better depth coverage and a lot less heat. Maybe a few small fans to move the air around over the leaves nothing to powerful but enough to give your plants a lot of air exchange. Big fan of Milwaukee meters but don't forget to stop by local walmart saves u a few bucks. Surge Protectors and Zip Ties, also go to amazon and get some scientific calibration I got a three point cal set for 20 bucks. And it was and is enough for about a years of calibration. Timers
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