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Growing next to airports

Growing near an airport...

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Crooked Rain

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Interested in hearing what you folks think about outdoor growing within close proximity to an airport.

We live very close to a small private airport. Low flying air traffic is heavy. Mostly small single engine planes. Helicopters are a rarity.

I never really noticed how busy the skies were until I began my grow. At first I began taking pictures of them. Identifying the types of planes, signage, and looking for cameras. I was quite worried. Now I just go about my business as usual.

Assuming that the grower is cautious about the number of plants, the selection of grow sites, trails, waterways, and the number of plants in any one particular area, I’m thinking heavy traffic might be a good thing but probably makes no difference.



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could be a good thing, maybe pilots are too busy searching for other air traffic when taking off or landing, unless they have binoculars and are actively searching for growing but its just weed... how serious can it be in Canada?? i think you'll be fine. just try not to draw too much attention to your grow site.
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