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Hash stash bummer


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Hi all... its been a while since I have made my way through this neck of the woods.

anyway I have a fairly nice stash of bubble hash which is very potent and has sentimental value. I am a collector of sorts... I like having a goody stash of multiple varieties if you know what I'm saying. My hash stash is a bunch of different kinds from a bunch of different places... all delicious.

Here's the issue. Not too long ago a friend of mine strapped me up with some blonde hash that apparently wasn't completely dried out. I grabbed a couple grams of the blonde and threw it into my hash stash for later consumption (at the time my hash stash was all bubble). I smoked the rest of the blonde; besides the fact it burned funny, the blonde did the trick very well.

Yesterday when I was dipping into my hash stash, I noticed the jar smelled funny. I dumped out the hash onto a table and to my dismay, there was freakin mold or something growing on some of my stash. The moist blonde hash made condensation in my jar, which eventually made something start growing.

I did some research online and found what I think it might be (A. flavus)<--I could be wrong about this though, I bug out sometimes whilst being really stoned.
It has a weird smell and the jar the hash was in glows under a black light like you wouldn't believe. In my opinion, I caught this in time. I cut pieces of "infected" hash off of the still good pieces, threw away the old jar, and put the rest of the hash in the freezer.

My hash wasn't completely contaminated, it was just starting to get ugly but I think I caught it in time.

My questions are:
A.) Would the freezer be the best method of stopping the mold from spreading?
B.) If there is a better method what is it?
C.) Would you smoke it anyway... knowing it is easily the most potent and highest quality marijuana product I have ever personally had in the 9 years I have been partaking?


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Wow, this is nuts! hmmmmm. I would believe that might work..
I was thinking, though, what if you used a low heat on the hash to kill any bacteria that's on there.... As far as I know, you can heat hash/oil up to a certain degree before you start destroying THC levels.... I wish I knew more. And lastly, for C.) HELL MUTHAFUCKIN YA I'D SMOKE IT ANYWAY!!!! :51:


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Got bad form of histoplasmosis once 20 years ago (not from bad bud, I used to venture into damp areas and caves). After that little treat... If it's got mold, fungus, etc. growing on it, it goes into the trash. I might try to rescue part of it if it is only slightly contaminated. My lungs are already shot from early problems, industrial chemicals, pollution, and smoking. Not to mention that if you grow for, supply, or smoke with sick people - who often have depressed lung function - and they get something in their lungs, you might end up going to their funeral.

Not that every possible thing that could be growing on bud/hash will affect a human or that one so affected will turn into a corpscicle. Not every mushroom is poisonous either.

But I don't wander through the woods eating random mushrooms.
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