Have a few questions about General Organics nutes


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Hey everybody i need a little help as im still a noob,im thinking
about picking up some General Organics Bio Weed (cold pressed seaweed)
NPK(0.2-0-0.3) for my roots. I will be using Molasses NPK(1-0-5) and Seabird
Guano NPK(10-10-2). I also need info on Bio Bud NPK(0.5-0.1-1) Derived from
Plant protein Hydrolysate, Rock Phosphate, Sea kelp. Any help is appreciated.
Thanks 420:peace:
I've been looking at the GO product line for a couple weeks. I'm on Fox Farm now but I would like to move in a more organic direction. There's a feed chart and some info on the GH website but the most intriguing thing about the GO line is that they claim no ph adjustment is needed and you never use any chemical up or down adjusters with the products. Very interesting.
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