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Smokey...the very first solution for soap/oil sprays, what kind of cooking oil? like a vegatibable oil? has me a little confused, i wuld like to know cuz i recently found little spiders chillen in the corner of stems and branches were the bud grows sucken the nutrients out but i think they might be thrips bc i can see them bhey eye...and i sprayed them with water n then checkeed again n got off all their shit that they dropped the black dots, im growing a outdoor crop of 7 but not in ground, theyre in 8in. pots now, they went from a little baby in a beer pong cup then a bigger container and now im on the 8inch pot holders,4 outta the 7 have a full 9 leaves right now and others still have 7...these bugs are killen me tho, i put a plant that doesnt attract the bugs , a citrenalla plant instead of candles so no attention is drawn, and im guna get the hotshot no pest strips but what kind of cooking oil do u recomend, is a vegatible oil fine?
you said you tried the soap, what kind of cooking oil did u use? and wat measurments of the soap and oil to how much water, a gallon? or a littler soda bottle..? i have these spiders that grow a little webbing n they curl up n chill in their web you can see them, i ben picking them off everyday, as checking for bugs everyday, you wont believe the kind of bugs are attracted to these things outdoor near where i live lol...i loved how they went from the size of ur picture wit 2 leaves , to almost 3feet tall stems thick as a rope, about 1inch in diameter...theres one that the roots popped out of the ground, its weird, its not newere near as tall as the others are , but its already starten to show white hairs with red hairs commen out them, does this mean they're going into budding stage now?...please reply back:grinjoint:
whats up haze!sorry it took a few days for me to respond. I follow the recipe given one quart of water half teaspoon of dawn diswasher 1/4 of veg oil. I used wesson I imagine any kind of liquified veg oil will work. So far so good, I have to look harder to find them but I did notice they are still on there but it seems to be working. From my oberservation it looks like it puts a coating on the leaves. They also say it takes mutiple applications to get rid of them. I will say this though after looking at my plants it leaves spots similar to spider mite but slightly bigger than a the spots that a spider mite leave. I feel ya pain but I will update you shortly. The white hairs that you see now are because it is in fact budding, your plant has to have been flowering for over three weeks for you to see the white hair you will start to see a payoff very shortly. However iif the spider mites continue to grow and reside on your plant it will greatly reduce the yeild and I am speaking from experience. it sounda like you have a auto flowering strain, because the light has night switched to 12 and12 yet which concerns me just a tad, but let me know it go and good luck
Thanks for soap/oil mixture, worked great on the leaves but I got these tiny greenish white lil' muthers in the soil and lots of tiny black flies. I was potato slices on the soil for about 4 days attract the larva and I put NO PEST sticky strips across the pots to catch anything flying off. It seemed to work for a bit but now they are starting to appear again. I've heard of a tobacco mixture that is supposed to get rid of them and stop them re-appearing but I can' find where I saw it.... Does anyone know the right ingredients (apart from the tobacco obviously ). Please help, I had 8 plants growing lovely at about 4 and a half feet just going into flowering. Now there are 2 with loads of buds but don't want them to go the same way as the others, dying and wilting from the base of the stem up .....
I would think this would be good, Diatomaceous Earth (DE), at least if you use the food grade kind. Slice up those little buggers! Good for ants & aphids and I am sure many other critters. I wonder if any of our sponsors sell it? :hmmmm:
I would not want to use it once the buds start getting sticky though unless I was desperate.
Hey NUBOOTI, its aright , im knew to this sight n not sure how to check posts lol, i just figured it out i think, THANK YOU veryyy much for the measurments, and yes you were right they def are budding, i believe i started in 4/21/10, its now 8/2/10, theres a bunch of white hairs and little little buds starting to form with a little hair sticking out of the node(thats what it looks like,its not a male plant but node is best way to describe it @ the size its @ now lol)....i sprayed veg. oil at/around the plants and ur right, it put a coating on the fan leaves(looks like thc crystals my friend thought it was lol) but yeah, i def have spider thripes, there mid size spiders that jump very far and fast and are clear/silverish with a black spot on their ass, i guess thats all the little babies they are laying, i ben killing the spiders wenever i see them, there hasnt ben that many tho, THIS IS MY REAL QUESTION, IS IT STILL SAFE TO USE THIS SPRAY EVEN THO THEY ARE IN THE BLOOM/BUD STAGE? OR WILL IT DAMAGE THE YIELD?...ya my plants are outside the whole day and night, what is auto flowering strain you mentioned? the sun hits them at around 9 930am and stops wit direct sun around 2-3pm'ish and then they are in complete darkness,so its not really a 12/12 cycle, i just dont wanna bring them in my house cuz of these bugs and my kitten loves the plants for some reason(brought them in once cuz they kept blowen over in storm and she ate a fan leaf lol) and i dont want my house full of these bugs, i put them in my shed once in a while but it gets very humid in there and start to yellow the plants but oxygen and wind get them back to normal, im guessing i shuld be done around october at latest...but PLEASE ANSWER IS IT SAFE TO USE THE SPRAY DURRING THE BUD STAGE, I WULD THINK SO. I dont care if the plants dont have a hugeeee yield cuz the 2 of them are up to my chin and im almost 6ft (5'10) to be exact....my smaller one the roots popped out of so i put in bigger pot and it looks even healthier then ever before lol, but seems like there will be more of a yield on my small plants then the big ones....ty for ur reply just please answer if its safe i dont wanna ruin all my hard work for 6months cuz of this, i check them every single day and pick the thripes if i see them....respond please :bong:

I would think oil spray would not be to good. But it sounds like you need to be active about this or the yield might not matter. Maybe a mild soap spray since they are outside plants. Then the next day you could rinse them with some plain water.
I recently did this with a hanging pot (aphids) that has a vine growing. I was able to rinse it the next day by hanging it off the side of the basket, no soap got in the soil.
Whwn using the Homemade Pest Controll, is it necessary to apply/spray in darkness like store bought, or can it be applied during the light, as if a mist?

Hey great thread and info, I got up this morning to see if any of my buds are ready to harvest. So I cut a small piece of bud-leaf and grab my portable microscope to check the color of the trichinae and while I'm looking one of the buggers got up and walked off. Spider mites, once I got looking around they were everywhere - no sign of damage yet. So I spent the morning hauling everyone out and spraying them down with Smokey's solution. I too was wondering if they need to be rinsed. I also harvested a handful of buds for the first time since getting back into the swing of things. Just bag weed but pretty stuff. I'm getting ready to SOG a batch of Diesel as soon as these other finnish.
I love this shit!!!
Just used Smokey's formula for spider mites, 30 minutes later under the scope - no sign of life, just bodies everywhere, it was terrible.....
Whwn using the Homemade Pest Controll, is it necessary to apply/spray in darkness like store bought, or can it be applied during the light, as if a mist?


Just did mine in the light, Dude.
Thanks for posting this, those many years ago! :thumb:

I've been using Foxfarm Don't Bug Me, but a $15 bottle barely covers my garden once. This morning I saw a few aphids, and spider mites are always a problem up here. so I'm going to mix up some of the soap/oil spray in the morning and do battle on the cheap.
:reading420magazine: I think this thread may be the right place to ask about using neem oil in my res. to poison the little ****ers forever! I can't seem to find any info on this do I just pour a little in? that doesn't seem right you know oil and water don't mix too well anyone out there used neem in their res and if you did how much ? and what would i mix w/ it? or do i rub it on the stalks as a barrier? anyone? ? ?
that is fine that you suggest a site sponsor although I am LOOKING for HOME MADE PEST CONTROL as the name of the thread might imply! anyone else?
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