House Passes Defense For Medical Marijuana Possession

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The Louisiana House passed a bill on Tuesday (May 24) that provides a defense for the parent of a child eligible for medical marijuana who's arrested for possessing the drug.

The bill is part of a larger medical marijuana legislative package the legislature has been working on this session. Penalties for marijuana possession by parents of sick children eligible for the drug were not addressed in the bill already signed by Gov. John Bel Edwards last week.

John Bel Edwards signs medical marijuana law. The legislation is the second major bill in two years, and is expected to make medical marijuana available to patients in the next 18 months.

State Rep. Ted James said Tuesday that the bill was written because "we wanted to make it clear, so we didn't have any issues with patients or parents.

"I think we need to add this further protection to make sure there's no criminal prosecution," James said.

The bill does not make it legal a parent to possess medical marijuana for their child, but it allows them to use it as a defense if their case goes to trial.


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