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How can I pass my drug test in 12 days?! Help!!


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Hey guys, this is my first time posting and I'm in a bit of a pickle. I have been smoking for about the past year and a half pretty much every day. I took a piss test on July 28 and quit smoking that following Monday, which was August 2. So now I'm 11 days clean, but have another drug test on the 25 of this month. I only have 12 days to make sure I can pass it and need some advice on how to make sure it doesn't come out dirty. I don't want to do a detox either and I'm freaking out cause I know weed is in your system at least 30 days. Please help! What have you guys done and what can I do to pass it? I'm like 138 lbs if that makes any difference. I need like an exact routine for the next 12 days so it will come up clean. My PO said it might still be on my system but it has to be under 50 on the urine test, so do you think I'll be fine if just drink lots of water an cranberry juice? What have you guys done? Please any information you got for me I would so appreciate. Thank you!


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Drinking a lot of fluids is the best way to get the levels lower. I wouldn't go over 36 ounces of fluids the morning of the test or you might get a negative dilute and they'll start making life harder for you.
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