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How do I delete pictures


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You must have figured something out, because I just did a gallery search out of curiosity and, according to the forum, you do not have any gallery images.

Which is odd, now that I think about it. Considering the fact that the new forum software has been configured in such a way that we are not allowed to delete our private messages, I'm kind of surprised that we'd be allowed to delete our uploaded images.

Teddy Edwards

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Please use the "Report Photo" option and send a request to have your photo deleted.

On the photo page you will see an option that says "Report Photo"; a Moderator will receive the report. Please include the reason you want the photo deleted.

In order to retain the educational value of our website, only Moderators & Admins can delete photos. Reason being that in the past when we gave this ability, photos were deleted leaving many threads with nothing embedded, rendering them worthless. We would like to preserve the threads intact for others to learn from, for many years to come.

I note that you currently have not uploaded any photos.