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How do I?


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so this is probablly a basic question, but how do i get a medical card? i've been looking around and it says that you need a doctors note. i was wondering how to get one. like how would i describe my symptoms and stuff.

my other question is if i did have a medical card, do i just go to the co-ops? and are there any recommendations? my ex used to be my hook-up but i never had a clue as to what i was smoking..so i haven't a clue!

thanks for any help!!!!

c-dawg (just kidding!)


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Re: how do i .....????

Welcome to the site first off... It looks like you're in CA, so we have lots and lots of resources, CA being I believe the current largest MMJ state. You will need doctor's reccomendation as you stated - there are also some resources/organizations that can point you in the direction of these compassionate doctors throughout this site. My advice to begin the whole process would be to start gathering up some past medical records documenting your condition/reason for considering the use of medical marijuana.
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