How to Use Yocan Dyno: A Complete Guide for Beginners

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The much-anticipated new generation of portable digital nectar collectors with small bubbler has been released. It achieves the same functions as a traditional nectar collector, but its size is greatly reduced. It greatly improves the portability that people expect. Not only that, it also incorporates the smart technology of the Yocan family. Next, I will show you how to use the new generation Yocan Dyno. Also share tips and tricks with you on how to get the most out of your nectar collector, answer frequently asked questions about the Yocan Dyno, and give you my honest opinion on its pros and cons. So, let’s learn how to use the Yocan Dyno!
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Why should you try Yocan Dyno?​

The Yocan Dyno is a new digital nectar collector from Yocan, a leading brand in the vaporizer industry. A nectar collector is a device that allows you to evaporate concentrate directly from the container, making it more convenient and efficient than traditional wiping methods. It’s no ordinary nectar collector. It’s smart and has an OLED display showing voltage, battery level, working mode, and more.
The most stylish thing is that the Yocan Dyno is also equipped with a small glass bubbler, which can cool and filter the steam, making the steam soft and reducing the irritation of direct contact with the steam. Small glass bubblers have the same functions as traditional nectar collectors but are smaller and more portable. Its atomizer head adopts a convenient magnetic design and is easy to replace. The magnetic cover protects the ceramic head from dust and damage. The ceramic head is made of high-quality materials, heats quickly and evenly, and delivers pure and effective steam.
The large 1000mAh battery equipped with Yocan Dyno can help us continue to use it for several hours. Its USB-C port makes charging your nectar collector faster and easier. You can customize the pattern color of the LED neon light by pressing the button three times.
The Yocan Dyno is an easy-to-use, powerful device. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced vapers. This is a device that allows you to enjoy focus like never before.

Is it difficult to set up your Yocan Dyno for the first time?​

Steps you need to follow to set up your Yocan Dyno for the first time:
1. Charge the Yocan Dyno by plugging the USB-C cable into the port on the bottom of the device. The OLED screen displays power and charging status. Yocan officials would like to remind you: This device does not support charging and working at the same time.
2. Fill the glass bubbler. Remove the glass bubbler from the top of the device and fill with water. Please avoid contact with water in other parts of the fuselage to avoid short circuit of the device. Also don’t fill the glass frother too full or too little.
3. Turn on the Yocan Dyno by pressing the power button five times quickly. Use the up and down buttons to adjust the voltage, press the power button four times quickly to change modes, you can choose between manual and automatic modes. On-demand mode allows you to heat the ceramic tip only when the power button is pressed, while session mode allows you to heat the ceramic tip for a set amount of time. Then press the button three times quickly to customize the LED light mode.
4. Prepare vaporization materials. Choose your favorite type of concentrate, such as wax, chips, rosin, or chips. And it is in direct contact with the ceramic atomizing head to ensure that the equipment parameters have been debugged.
5. Use Yocan Dyno. Place the ceramic tip in contact with the material. In on-demand mode, press and hold the power button to heat the ceramic tip. In session mode, press the power button twice quickly to start. The LED neon light flashes and the OLED display will show you a countdown timer. Once done, press the power button five times quickly to turn off the Yocan Dyno.

Adjust Yocan Dyno settings and OLED display

The Yocan Dyno OLED display and buttons allow you to adjust the nectar collector’s settings and customize your vaping experience. Here are some of the functions and features you can access through the OLED display and buttons:
1. Voltage: You can adjust the Yocan Dyno voltage using the up and down buttons. You can choose from 2.0V to 4.2V. The OLED display will show the current-voltage and. The higher the voltage, the more vapor and flavor you get, but also the more roughness and battery drain. The lower the voltage, the less vapor and flavor you’ll get, but the smoother it’s likely to be and the less power you’ll get. You can try different temperatures to find your sweet spot.
2. Mode: You can set the Yocan Dyno automatic working time by pressing the power button three times quickly, using the up and down buttons to adjust from 10 seconds to 60 seconds. You can choose between two different modes: automatic mode and on-demand mode. On-demand mode allows you to heat the ceramic tip only when you press the button, while automatic mode requires you to press the power button twice in succession and it will heat the ceramic tip for a set time. Manual mode is better for quick, discreet clicks, while automatic mode is better for longer, more relaxed sessions.
3. LED Color: You can select the Yocan Dyno LED light mode by pressing the button three times quickly. The OLED display will display the current LED lighting mode and the corresponding lighting display of the body. You can also turn off the LED lighting by quickly pressing the button three times until the OLED display reads “OFF.” You can choose from seven different colors for the body: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

The game-changing design of Yocan Dyno: small glass aerator and magnetic ceramic tip atomizer​

The Yocan Dyno glass bubbler and magnetic ceramic tip are essential components in your nectar collector for vaporizing concentrates. Here are some tips and tricks on how to use them effectively and happily:
1. Glass bubbler: The glass bubbler is the part that cools and filters the steam, making it smoother and tastier. Glass bubblers are easy to fill, install, and remove. To fill the glass bubbler, remove the top of the unit and detach the glass bubbler from the base. Do not overfill or underfill the glass bubbler. When the heated ceramic tip touches the material lightly. Inhale through the mouthpiece of the glass bubbler. You will see steam bubbling in the water and reaching your mouth. To clean the glass aerator, remove it from the base and drain the water. Rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth. You can also use detergent or cotton swabs to remove any residue or dirt from the inside of the glass bubbler.
2. Magnetic ceramic atomizer: The evaporation process of our contact materials mainly relies on the contact of the ceramic tip. The ceramic tip heats quickly and evenly, resulting in smooth, delicious smoke. It also has a larger contact surface and wider air channels for enhanced smoking sensation. There is a magnetic cap on the outside to protect the suction head. The entire magnetic ceramic atomizer can be easily opened and adsorbed without tightening and loosening. Its user-friendly design makes replacement and loading easy, and equipment maintenance simple.
Yocan Dyno Digital Nectar Collector with Glass Bubbler Mouthpiece
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