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Since the Yocan Kodo Animal series was launched, it has received a large number of inquiries from fans. I think the reason why it is popular among people is that it has powerful functions in palm-sized size and is extremely cost-effective.

Yocan Kodo Animal series CBD battery features​

  1. Small size, many functions: 60*23.517.3MM. CBD battery that integrates multiple functions is the best companion for travel and outdoor use.
  2. Add animal design elements: Kodo animal series equipment provides 10 animals with different attributes (elephant, tiger, wolf, lion, gorilla, crocodile, cat, snake, dog, and shark.) Let Yocan brand products have personality! Wild side!
  3. Large-capacity battery: The blessing of a 900MAH large battery allows the device to have stable and continuous output. For example, when you are playing outdoors, you can concentrate on enjoying the fun of the journey. You don’t have to worry about whether the e-cigarette has power, its continuous power will protect you!
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Daily use functions of Yocan Kodo Animal series​

1. Turn on and off: When turning on the machine, you need to install the 510 threaded cart in advance. Press the button 5 times within 2 seconds. You will see that the device has been turned on and the green light will flash 5 times slowly. The same operation is done to turn it off. You will see the red light flash 5 times slowly.
2. Voltage adjustment: When the device is powered on, quickly press the button three times to adjust the voltage, and the voltage level can be adjusted in a loop. Yocan Kodo Animal series can adjust three levels (2.5V, 3.0V, 3.5V). You will find that the light is on: When the blue light is on for one second, it means that the device is at 2.5V. When the green light is on for one second, the device voltage is at 3.0V. The red light is on for one second, indicating that the device voltage is 3.5V. The voltage level has a memory function: when you restart the device, the voltage value used before the shutdown will be displayed, and you do not need to adjust the voltage level you are familiar with again.
3. Preheating function: When you need the 10-second automatic preheating function, you need to press the button twice in succession, the blue light will stay on, and the working voltage is 1.8V at this time. After 10 seconds, the device stops working and the blue light flashes slowly 5 times.
4. On-demand mode: Just long press the button and the device will keep outputting. When the output time is greater than 15 seconds, the red light flashes 5 times to indicate the end of the work. When you don’t need the supply, just release the button.
Yocan Kodo Animal series CBD battery features

Other function tips of Yocan Kodo Animal series​

The device automatically detects the load when connected to the 510 cart and the green light will illuminate for one second. When charging, plug in the USB-C cable, and the red light will stay on. When fully charged, the light will automatically go out. At the same time, the Yocan Kodo Animal series also has low voltage protection, no-load reminder, short circuit protection, etc. For details, please refer to the Yocan manual. It is worth noting that the Yocan Kodo Animal series supports vapes above 0.8 ohms. And Yocan vape is prohibited from being used while charging.
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