Yocan Kodo Animal Series: Innovative vape full of wildness

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The Yocan Kodo Animal Series box mod collection stands out for its bold and original design concept. Each piece of equipment in the collection pays homage to the animal kingdom, with patterns and textures that echo the spirit of the wild. Design is not just about beauty; It’s a celebration of the wild beauty of nature, designed to resonate with the wildness within the user. The ergonomic shape not only looks impressive but also ensures a comfortable hold, making the smoking experience both visually and tactilely satisfying.

Yocan Kodo Animal Series banner
Yocan Kodo Animal Series banner

Core Strengths of the Yocan Kodo Animal Collection​

Large capacity is at the heart of the Yocan Kodo Animal Series range. Equipped with high-quality heating elements and a long-lasting 900mAh high-capacity battery. The Yocan Kodo Animal vape mod is designed to deliver powerful performance. The range offers three adjustable power settings to suit different vaping preferences, from mild vapor to thick clouds that mimic rainforest mist. This powerful and portable functionality is packed into a compact form factor, making the entire trip more convenient.

Wild user experience​

The Yocan Kodo Animal vape batteries Collection is designed with the user in mind. 10-second warm-up function to maintain “combat” status at any time. To ensure excellent performance, the device provides a 15-second work protection function. The lanyard hole on the fuselage makes it more convenient to carry. The Yocan Kodo Animal vape battery provides a seamless experience from the first puff to the last with consistent output to immerse you in your vaping journey.

Wild as an animal​

Just like in the forest, the Kodo Animal series vape battery is like a swarm of running and roaring animals. There are 11 animals in the Yocan Kodo animal series, namely: elephant, tiger, wolf, lion, gorilla, crocodile, cat, dragon, snake, dog, and shark. Each animal in the Yocan device has a vivid shell to fit everyone’s different smoking styles and preferences. Whether you like lions, kings of the jungle, or dragons from ancient mythology, you’ll find “it.” The Yocan Kodo Animal has something for everyone.

KODO Animal Series ten animal attributes

Yocan Kodo animal series equipment summary​

With the continuous innovation of Yocan manufacturers, more and more novel devices are on the way. The following is a summary of the features and functions of the Yocan Kodo animal series: 1. 3 Voltage Levels (2.5V, 3.0V, 3.5V). 2. 10 Sec Preheat function. 3. 15s Safety Cut Off. 4. 900mAh large battery. 5. 510 Thread.6, 11 animal attribute designs. 7. Palm size, easy to carry.
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