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So I recently bought a thermometer that shows min/max and humidity. My humidity is at its lowest 29% and its highest 32%, I know I want 40% - 60%. What ways are there to increase your humidity levels? I'm not really sure if I cn use a humidifier. . . I could probably put one in front of my intake vent, but wanted to see if there are other ways, as I really wouldn't want to do that, not very stealthy, but if I have to. . . Any suggestions? Thanks, Bagz. . .:peace:


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Spray them down with PH 6.3 water a couple of times a day while they are in veg... Once they go into flowering the low humidty will be your friend...



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Re: Humidity/ new question

So I can't seem to get the humidity up. . . So my questions are. . . Is this important during veg? and since my vent is is attached to my chimmney, there seems to always be negative flow in my cab. wether my fans is on or not. I discovered this cause I was smoking a bowl, and my cab doors were open cause I was messin around in there. I could see the smoke being pulled into the vent. anyway, could this be keeping my humidity from getting higher than 30%? :peace:
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