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Hungarian Marijuana Advocates Sue Over Demonstration


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The Hungarian Hempseed Association (Kendermag Egyesület) plans to sue the city of Debrecen after locals blocked a May 13 demonstration by the marijuana advocacy group, reports hirtv.hu.

Demonstrations were held in five Hungarian cities, including Budapest, as part of the international Global Marijuana March. Debrecen was the only city where local citizens attempted to block the demonstrations, the Hempseed Association said.

The Hempseed Association obtained a permit from Debrecen police to set up a stage and podium, but on the day of the march, members of the Debrecen Public Area Supervisory Body blocked organizers, forcing them to cancel the event.

The Hempseed Association, which advocates for drug user's rights and drug reform in Hungary, sent a letter to the Independent News Agency expressing its shock at the decision made by the leaders of the city, located 220 kilometers east of Budapest.

The Hempseed Association claims that it was the local government that kept them from setting up the stage, an act that violated their constitutional rights.

The Association said it will sue the Debrecen local government and police for not stopping the agitators, and the agitators for obstructing the event.

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