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I need help - New Grower


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what should i do if my plant (1 week old) grow to fast its realy tall and thin its an outdoor growt, i don't have much expirience it is my first growt
please i need help.


It grows so fast like speedy gonzales
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Calyx Hunter

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Re: i need help

Hey ddjking, I'd suggest supporting it somehow. Maybe stick some chopsticks in the soil next to it without damaging the roots and tying it with something gentle.

Does it get full sunlight for most of the day?


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Re: i need help

U have cotton buds in the soil,and the plants tied 2 them.thanks OK 4 now.wen the plant get a bit bigger put bigger wooden stakes in 2 support the plants:welcome:


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They are stretching looking for more light.cups could of had more soill but to late to add or it will kill the plant.It may be just a tall type of plant.


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Not necessarily. I would grab a cfl and get it as close as you can to plant without burning it. Keep it propped up with stick or something, and when it's stem gets a little stronger you can bury it without fear of hurting it. Just bury it up to the cotyledons. But I would take a chance on burying the stem a bit before I just scrap it and start over. Marijuana is a very resilient plant


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Growing outside with stretch like that I would have to say the plant is being shaded my another plant of some kind, I would re-pot her and bury her up to the top set of leaves(top set of leaves one inch above new soil line) and put her in direct sunlight. Any stem you bury will turn to roots, even this young.
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