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Im gonna write tommy chong a letter

Hey good luck, maybe he will write back. Tell him I said high, and when he gets out he can hit me up. We could got role on of those monster joints, from up in smoke.
dude, what if we each sent you like a post-it note through the mail, and signed it to tommy chong?

like i'd put on mine something along the lines of:

Too bad your name isn't Tommy Chubbler
Smokiest regards,
James Stevens
San Antonio, TX

If we all sent just one post-it note to the same person (like rasta or whoever, maybe me), and that person mailed them all at once to tommy chong, he'd get all these random ass signatures and shoutouts from all across the US. i bet he'd appreciate that.

btw, i pick post-it notes because they're cool as fuck and you can fit a lot in an envelope

also, the mailer could include a letter stating just what the hell is going on. we could tell him we're members of 420times.com and stuff. man that'd be sweet
Hey Old Guy. That is a good idea, but how would you keep the post-it note from sticking to the envelope when we all mailed it to that one person. I would do that though. I just have to find some post-it notes. It would make our letter stand out if it was a lot of post-it notes.
who cares if they all stick together? when tommy gets them, he'll just take them all out of the envelope and peel them apart. the glue on post-its isn't strong at all. the cool thing for him is that he'd be able to stick them all over his cell.

... man, that last line kinda hit me hard... tommy chong is in prison. dude that fuckin sucks hard
tha post-it plan sounds good. i already wrote a letter 2 him but i didnt send it yet. (still trying 2 find stamps)
I'm game. Lets figure out who we will mail them too and get that address.
Address letters to:
Thomas Kin Chong
Taft CI
PO Box 7001
1500 Cadet Road
Taft, CA 93268
thats what im hearing.
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reason i wrote him is to let him know that hes in jail for bullshit and that he has alot of loyal fans to have his back and how much it means to weedsmokers that hes in jail because he is a string fighter and supports our rights.
So what's up? post it notes? or mass mailing?
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Detained said:
So what's up? post it notes? or mass mailing?
i have no clue what you guys are talking about.i just wrote him a letter in the mail.i included 420 times said i posted his adress on 420times and i hope he doesnt mind
I got a question...do celebrities really get specail treatment like i heard they do? or is that a bogus myth?
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Detained said:
I got a question...do celebrities really get specail treatment like i heard they do? or is that a bogus myth?
from what i hear some of them do.but who would want to fight chong guy is tall as fuck and is laid back.unless somebody just wants to get a rep for fighting a star
I highly doubt it...he is too well known and way cool. Most people in there are probably watching his back
yea true. i get mental images of half-baked. nasty nate 666 sign of the beast no no naughty jungle of love.