Indiana And Shrooms


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Indiana is moving a bill, at warp speed, through their committees. Shrooms. But they decided to offer it to first responders on a trial basis. I'm all for that but it doesn't help the general public. The cannabis bill for just medical didn't even get a sniff this year or last. I know, the year has just started but they let everyone know that they will not pass ANY cannabis bill that will come before them this year. I hope there is a Blue Wave in November. That is the only way it will get legalized on a state level. I know the DEA will drag its feet on responding to the HHS letter and explanation for de-scheduling cannabis down to level 3. And after that, they will have to debate it in Congress, I think. And a public opinion speaking forum about it. It will probably get rescheduled down to level 3 two years after the DEA answers the letter. And that is being optimistic. My daughter thinks I'm a pessimist and she just found out why last year.
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