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little white bugs


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hey anyone know what the hell i should do with them little white bugs under my plants leaves and will they harm the buds since i only got 3 weeks left to go
there's thousands of them little bugs seems they r sucking all the goodness out the leaves what to do should i leave them ??


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thats really shitty.. something bad like pests always happens near the end. happened to be a while back (my last grow, EVER!) .. about 2 weeks before the finish.. it crippled my crop..ended up with next to nothing (in contrast of the TONS i should have yielded)


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This far into flowering there's not much you can do.. If you have very very good airflow around the plants you can take a small spray bottle of water and using the high-pressure spray setting try to clean them off the leaves that way.. then you'll have to set them somewhere with good airflow to dry off completely before putting them back in the room... just make sure they are totally dry or else you'll get bud rot..

Good luck - I HATE bugs...

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