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Looking for help with Autos


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Hi All

I'm looking for advice with Autos. I have seeds for White Widow Max Auto, White LSD Auto, and Auto AK47. Not sure who the breeder is because the supplier did not give this information. The supplier is unmentionable as they are not sponsors of this site.

I am growing indoors in a 2x3x6.5 cabinet with LED lighting. I am set up for soil or hydro but I have no experience with hydro yet.

Anyway, all questions, comments, or otherwise are welcomed and appreciated! :thanks:


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Hey Duckster, you're probably not getting any response because it is unclear as to what kind of advise you are asking for. You need to supply a little more information like; what you are trying to accomplish, what equipment do you have, do you have any outdoor/indoor growing experience and what kind of climate are you going to be growing in? If you provide some of this info and ask for some specific advise, I am sure one of these knowledgeable growers will help you. Hope this helps!
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