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Lots of newbie questions


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So, pardon me if I'm asking a bunch of retarded questions here, but I'm in the pre-planning stages of my future grow, and I'm mostly just trying to get and idea of what supplies I'm going to need and what to expect out of the grow.

Basically, when I get into a new apartment I'm hoping to grow 4-5 plants in a closet. I'm expecting around 1 oz per plant. Is that reasonable? I really have no idea how much to expect off of each, so if my goals are too high (or too low, hopefully :) ) let me know.

But my main issue right now is ventilation. As I'll be in an apartment and I don't know where the closet is going to be, I'm assuming that I'll have no way of venting it to the outside. I was thinking ozone, but have since been reading that it may be bad for the plants and/or me. Anybody know of a better solution, something I could just put in the room with the plants that would get rid of the smell without causing problems? I'm open to pretty much any solution, so any idea are welcome.

Now, as a first-time grower, I am a complete and utter novice. I have next to no actual hands on experience with growing. I would like to do hydroponics just for the quality of it, but what do you recommend for a newbie? Is soil easier? Is there a certain type of hydro that is easier? I was looking around and I saw like, drip, ebb & flow, wick, etc. and I have no idea what that means.

Are there any strains that are reputably easier to grow? Obviously something with Indica traits because of the confined space, but anything in particular you'd recommend?

Would a 400 watt lighting system be enough for at most half a dozen plants?

Those are really my only questions at the moment. Like I said, I'm just trying to figure out what supplies I'm going to need, so you don't really have to go into actually growing tips just yet, though if you did, I wouldn't mind :) And again, ANY advice you would like to offer would be appreciated a great deal. I appologize if I'm asking a bunch of stupid questions, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

Thanks in advance. :60:


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1oz per plant is not to much to expect under any 400w+ hid setup. Ventilation in a small closet would be an issue. There are all kinds of fans, turbines and hoods to help with this. Carbon filters work very well for smell.

Soil and hydro are very similar. Just a different medium. Soil is easier, it needs less attention and is a better buffer for nutrients. Adding or changing nutrients in a hydroponic system will have almost immediate effects on the plants.

Hydro systems aren't hard to maintain or build. Hand watering is probably the easiest. Other setups are just a matter of having all the supplies tubes, pumps, timers, trays. There are a lot of mediums to grow hydro, rockwool is one of the easiest.

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