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male? female? take a look


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plant has a bump at 3rd node from top..1 only..and it appears to have maybe a hair coming out do the nuts always come in pairs? please advise


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Re: male?...female? take a look

HUGE help labex ! as i said it looks like a hair is forming out of the bump. a calyx maybe? 1 set back ,,i was so bummed thinking it might be a male i inadvertantly piched the main stem! ..it made a snap sound..it didnt bend but sounded bad..looks like i supercropped her main stem. good thing its weed..hearty plant
thanks labexperiment


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Tape it up if it falls over.

As far as sexing a plant, if it is a male you have lots of time to get rid of him, takes minimum of 10 days for pollen sacs to form and open. So the risk of seeding your grow is not dire until after the sacs are fully developed.










If you DL some of the pics and zoom in you may get a better look at the development of the sacs.

Also thought you may want to see some pics of a fully flowing male as not many see them.


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Can u make the assumption that if your plants are showing sighns of flowering, for example i have about 9plants six planted the same time the others a couple weeks down the road. Now the three i planted late r all but one male as i can see the sacs, now the other one has no sighns of sacs but deos show what the female plant would have the Pretoria but cant see the hair that should be pertouding out. Deos that mean it needs to develope more before i can see it. Ill put some pics up soon.


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Rick you need a better camera.. Or camera skills. Lol no offence..... I can't tell from your pic but the post in this thread shows you all you need to know :)
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