Marijuana & Bipolar Disorder


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I recently found out that marijuana can help with Bipolar. So I thought I'd share my results with you guys in case you know someone, or you, yourself have Bipolar - and didn't know about how good it is to go green when you're seeing red.

What is Bipolar?

Bipolar disorder, with its extreme mood swings from depression to mania, used to be called manic depressive disorder. Bipolar disorder is very serious and can cause risky behavior, even suicidal tendencies, and can be treated with therapy and medication.

Source: WEBMD

Not every individual with Bipolar has the same symptoms. For instance my Bipolar can be triggered with as little as three words. Some days I sit around moping wishing my life was better, then the next I want to stab somebody for getting into my chocolates. However, I'm rarely suicidal. I was on Lithium and I despise taking pills because I don't know exactly what chemicals are in the capsules. The Lithium made my memory much worse. I could set my keys down, and come back into the room 2 minutes later to hang them up - then instantly forget what I was doing once I walked through the doorway. So I stopped taking my Lithium and progressively my memory started improving. However, I became so irritable that all it took for me to lash out was my dog barking - for any reason. A while ago I started smoking once a day and within 48 hours my wife noticed massive improvements. Opposed to shouting over tripping over a dog toy and throwing it across the room, I instead pick it up and play with my dog. I feel less aggravated and enjoy most of life's aspects.

I enjoy using marijuana to assist with my Bipolar, it really helps. Also, I don't have to worry about added chemicals, or what damage it'll do to my system. The worst thing that'll ever happen is eating way too much.

Thanks for reading, hope it may help others! :Namaste:
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