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Mazar x Cannalope Haze & Jedi OG x Big Bud


Nug of the Month: Nov 2010
Whats up everybody. I got 2 reviews for ya today. First 1 is some indoor mazar x cannalope haze :yummy: by yours truly. These were a couple smaller pieces that dried up. Smells/tastes like straight melons. The buzz is a good mix between head and body. I couldnt be happier with these nugs. Well maybe a lil lol :439:

Mazar x Cannalope Haze

Next up is some jedi og x big bud. $50/8th. Smells/tastes mild skunky and spicy thru the bong. I havent vaped any yet to see if the taste comes thru a lil more. But stuff is great regardless. Indica type buzz. Check it out

Jedi OG x Big Bud

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