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Medical Marijuana Patients Still Jailed In Wa

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In 1998, The Medical Use of Marijuana Act created an affirmative defense,
an exception to marijuana prohibition, for some terminal and severely ill
patients in WA. The right to posses and cultivate marijuana was granted
with a undefined limitation: patients are allowed up to a 60 day supply of
marijuana. The problem remains certain as the limit is vague. Law
enforcers have no training in the medical use of marijuana, and fail to
understand the medical significance of nature's greatest medicine. Where
public education prevails, leading communities accept the new law without
rancor. In other areas, however, individual patients continue to pay a
terrible price whenever this controversial herbal medicine is discovered by

On this day, January 16, 2004, Sharon Tracy has just entered the Skamania
County jail for possession of a small amount of medical marijuana. In this
case, the judge not only refused to allow the medical defense, he actually
refused to believe that the 50 year old woman who suffered 6 surgeries
in 5 years was sick at all. After thumbing through a half inch file of
her medical records, the judge said "You're not sick--you just want to be
sick." With no prior offenses, and no additional charges, the legally
qualified medical marijuana patient was sentenced to three months in the
county jail!

Yesterday, January 15, 2004, Monica Ginn, a qualified medical marijuana
patient who grew medical marijuana as a legal caregiver, was convicted of a
felony because she was barred from using the medical defense in Thurston
County. Front page news two days in a row does not tell the story behind
the news blip--the story of a 53 year old woman awaiting a seven year
prison sentence for what she thought was legal possession of 23 small plants!

These are just two of the stories that scream out loud to the Evergreen
State: SUPPORT SENATOR KOHL-WELLS BIL, SB 5947, a bill that would help
define the 60 day supply issue so patients and police have rational
guidelines for the use of medical marijuana in Washington State.

The Lifevine Foundation provides public education and legal assistance to
medical marijuana patients in Washington State.

Find us at <http://www.CannabisMD.org>www.CannabisMD.org