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Medical Marijuana Protest Takes Place At Los Angeles City Hall


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Medicinal marijuana operators and advocates staged a protest at City Hall

In response to L.A.'s decision to allow 25% of the registered Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensaries to stay open, some 80 people demonstrated today marching into City Hall.

Don Duncan, state director for Americans for Safe Access, told the crowd, "Don't be discouraged. Don't be cynical. Stand up and fight some more, and we're going to win this," he said. "I say shame on the council for letting this process go on autopilot."

The city sued all ineligible operators and has also requested for Superior Court Judge Anthony J. Mohr to rule on the legality of the city's procedure.

Many of the outlawed dispensaries have filed suit to overturn the law.

Reportedly the city attorney's office has advised the city council to let the court cases go forward.

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