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Over the past 15 years, patients have had accessibility to dispensaries and collectives in order to obtain vital medication for ailments such a MS, HIV, cancer, anxiety and chronic pain. Patients join a dispensary or collective by showing their doctor's evaluation and have access to enter a room of massive amounts of medication in which to choose from. Whether the patient is looking for a potent indica or light uplifting sativa, there are many varieties to choose from with a budtender to make these strains available for inspection. What if all of these medicines were all stored and dispensed in an easy to use vending machine? Currently several collectives in Southern California area have done just that. They have automated the process of buying medicine through a high tech device called the Med Box.

"A Red Box for weed?", you say. Similarly, how many subarbanites head out to their local red movie dispensing machine to pick up a movie, this fast and easy process can be done to purchase medication. A touch screen interface allows users to select a type of strain and quantity while a biometrics finger print system determines the patient's identity for approval. A pre-charged debit card is swiped and the cannabis is dispensed.

Many wonder how this can possibly be legal. This process is more than legal, it actually ensures patient and collective compliance and transparency. It provides automation and inventory control for the collective while offering a quick and easy way for patients to get their medicine. Arman, a worker at Kester Medical Group utilizing the Med Box in Van Nuys said "It offers a unique way to dispense wide varieties of cannabis and even delicious edibles, but it doesn't have to take away from the customer experience and personal interaction if desired." The dispensing system can streamline the transaction, but all locations have a knowledgeable staff to ensure all transactions go smoothly. The staff member is there to sign up new patients, add credits to a Med Box debit card, provide strain recommendations and samples for inspection. Once the patients selects a preferred strain, he/she can walk away or have it weighed for accuracy. If you are feeling anti-social, this could be the perfect alternative to the required face-to-face interaction at most collectives.

After realizing that these machines will not be made available for everyone on street corners, these devices have been endorsed by authorities as it ensures compliance to city and state regulations. The Med Box owner and patent holder, Vincent Mehdizadeh said, "I realized the need for a standard method of dispensing that would allow medical marijuana clinics, the patients they serve, and law enforcement to work with one another in harmony." In today's vacillating world of medical cannibis, the idea of harmony seems to be miles away. Perhaps this is the solution?

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