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Medical Marijuana Use For Muscular Dystrophy

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Since he can't use his arms Michael Oliveri's mother Christiane assists him when drinking his green tea. Michael Oliveri, 25, is in a wheel chair due to muscular dystrophy. After trying numerous medications in search for relief from tremendous pain, he tried medical marijuana, which he says miraculously improved his quality of life so much so that he left his family and friends in New Jersey to live in California, where his meds is legal and accessible. The legislature poised to consider the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act this fall, we look at the hotly debated topic of medical marijuana.

Source: Medical Marijuana use for Muscular Dystrophy | NJ.com


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Hello my name is Michael and I have Muscular Dystrophy. The type I have is called Myotonia congenita, this effects the electrical synopsis in my muscular system. I consider myself lucky that it is not the wasting away of my muscular system,what happens is at any moment my legs may just become rigid parilized I can't move at all . This can happen to all of my extremities . The electrical signals just dont work. I'v waited sixty years for some kind of relief. Guess what? Marijuana some how relaxes my system to the point where it is so much better. Israel is the place to look for answers. For all of you with Muscular Dystrophy or cancer or god knows what, I Love you, and I hope you understand you are not alone and in another life in another time you will run like the wind soar like an eagle and love well


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Hi Michael. Wonder if you can assist me. A friend of mine - her son of 9 has been diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Someone else said that she should contact the doctors in Israel. Do you have names and contacts of any doctors that she can contact in Israel? We are in South Africa. Bless you and I wish you healing.
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