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Mixing real clean urine with synthetic


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I failed my first pre-employment UA at PacLab in WA because I used Clean Stream (I found out from another member of 420 that WA and OR test the uric acid level, which Clean Stream doesn't possess). Luckily, my employer allowed me to re-test (but had to do it by end of today). I got urine from a trusted friend who doesn't smoke and who isn't taking any OTC meds or prescriptions. However, her pee was almost clear and I have been reading that this can cause suspicions and I didn't want to fail again. I was freaking out because it was now 11pm and I was to take test the next day. I had some Clean Stream left over so I mixed about 1/2-1oz of the synthetic with my friends pee to darken the color.

I just got back from my test. Temp was on, color wasn't disputed on the spot. But now since I didn't have time to research mixing, i'm freaking out again!!!!! I have been working for them for the past week and will be really f'ed if I fail again!

Please let me know if anyone has any expertise or experience with this. Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

Thank you!
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