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Moldy Buds


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Before harvest, i left my plants alone couple days like 4-5 without any air circulation. Now almost every buds get moldy or something. Is there anything i can do? Like using hydrogen peroxide or washing them? If i can't smoke, can i make cannabutter?


I join from Turkey, please excuse my English. Thank you.


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No, I didn't do anything on plants. They are growing in tent and under 600 W HPS with cool tube and air duck. They are Auto-Flowering strain.
Harvest time had come and i were harvest half of them. There was a national holiday and school closed. I couldn't trim all and I went my home town. My mistake was closing air duck i guess. Some buds seem clean but they are in same place. Are they infected too, you think? Do you have suggestion?
Air Conditions: 35 celcius and %55 humidity.


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It's a really tough call with mold. That stuff can be DEADLY. With the amount I see on the plants, the prognosis doesn't look good. Personally, I wouldn't want to smoke, vape, or ingest that in any form, not even in butter. It's going to likely taste like mold.

I'll let someone more experienced with dealing with mold finish up helping you, I'm really not sure what, if anything can be done to save them.


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Sad to see what happened to your plant :( You should throw it away. Mycotoxins from mould can, as mentioned, be seriously damaging to your body and might at worst land you in the hospital. It's not worth the risk.
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