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Moratorium on Medical Marijuana Advances in Texas Township

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Texas Township has approved a moratorium on medical marijuana businesses on first reading and will hold a second and final vote on the moratorium at the next township board meeting, April 11.

The board voted unanimously to enact a 6-month moratorium on issuing licenses and permits for medical marijuana to give the Planning Commission time to work on an ordinance to regulate medical marijuana businesses in the township. The moratorium does not apply to patients growing their own marijuana in their homes, caregivers cultivating marijuana in their homes for one patient who is a member of the same household or caregivers assisting patients in the patient's residence.

Township Attorney Roxanne Seeber told the board in a memo that the Planning Commission is prepared to start work on the ordinance and that she is confident six months will be enough time to develop and adopt satisfactory medical marijuana regulations.

Township Supervisor Dave Healy said if a licensed caregiver wanted to grow marijuana for others in his or her home, that would be considered a home occupation under the township's current zoning ordinances. A home occupation requires a special exception permit, which must be approved by the Planning Commission.

Currently, no caregivers have applied for special exception permits to grow medical marijuana in Texas Township, Healy said.

The bigger challenge not currently addressed in the township's ordinances, according to Healy, is caregivers who want to share commercial space and cultivate marijuana together. The moratorium will give the township time to decide how to regulate and control such uses.

Seeber said the state law that legalized marijuana use for approved medical reasons, approved by voters in 2008, allows certified patients to grow up to 12 plants for their own use. Caregivers can supply up to five patients, growing up to 12 plants per patient they supply.

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